“Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
– Mary Oliver

Change. Transition. Transform.

We are a professional leadership development and coaching practice which nurtures, evokes and matures potential in individuals, leaders, teams and systems.

We offer you twelve years of experience in coaching and facilitation across a range of sectors. Our processes help clients lead, manage and implement change and navigate transitions that lead to enhanced personal, inter-personal and professional effectiveness.

We also offer a lifetime of experience and service in the public, private and corporate sector mentoring and developing technical professionals.  Our array of mentoring and professional development opportunities are suited for early, mid and late-stage professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to build their critical thinking and implementation skills to bloom more beautifully and effectively wherever they happen to be planted.

Life Coaching

Change your life by transforming yourself.

Career Coaching

Take the next step in your career with clear guidance.

Leadership Coaching

Be an effective leader in your business and industry.

Professional Development

Prepare for success through professional development.

What is Coaching?

“A coach is a person who;

  • Facilitates experiential learning that results in future-orientated abilities
  • Works with emerging human and organizational forces to:
    – tap new energy and purpose,
    – to shape new visions and plans and
    – to generate desired results.

A coach is trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment and confidence. (Hudson, 1998)”


How can coaching help you?

 Supports you to be a transformational leader.

Assists you to crystallise your life vision.

● Brings clarity of thought around key decisions.

● Equips you with tools for making changes.

● Empowers you to take the actions steps which will move you from where you are to where you want to be.

● Helps you to navigate the changes to a transformed place.

 Contact us today to discover a life more fulfilled.

Do you wonder if you’re tapping into your full potential personally or professionally? Are you going through a life change and need a map to navigate the way? Does your team need a boost to the next level?

If these are questions you are asking yourself then coaching – an intentional thinking and accountability process between a certified (PCC, ICF) coach and client- is a fast way to achieve your objectives – either in the context of an organization (leadership and team coaching) or in the context of your personal life (career and life coaching).

The process involves assessing unique objectives, setting inspiring goals, implementing tailored strategies and action plans and actualising the vision for meaningful transformation for teams and individuals.

Breathing life into



What our clients Say

“I have had coaching sessions before in my 34 years of corporate employment but none so open and effective as with Juliette."

– Senior Manager, Retail Chain

“I have a large span of control in my position and the people management aspects are challenging. Juliette assisted me in finding the right ways to deal with a diverse team and I can see the change in results already.”

– Senior Manager, Insurance Industry

“To me when you coach you have a huge tool box available and you are able to dip into it effortlessly to get what is needed. You make good connections between what the client is saying and the coaching process you are following. I find that comforting. You inspire a complete sense of trust.”

– Lecturer of Post-Graduate Students

“Juliette, working with you has been nothing short of a gift to myself. You bring me back to myself time and time again, and you do it with grace, humility and such elegance that I hardly notice it happening until our coaching session is over and I feel like I’m a better version of myself.”

– HR Consultant

“Being coached by Juliette has prepared me to navigate unfamiliar terrain; helped me to find my own answers and interrupt unproductive patterns, to become self-sufficient.”

– Manager, Government Entity

“As a result of our coaching process, I am now acting from a place of self-worth. I acknowledge myself more. I have been more reflective and have acted in my reflections. I feel I have grown.”

– Manager, Banking

“Our coaching process has allowed me to open myself up to new insights and make me feel that I am in a trusted space during our coaching sessions.”

– HR Development Manager, Large Corporate

Live your best life!

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