“Great things in business are never done alone. They’re done by a team.”
– Steve Job

Are you a leader wanting significant personal, professional or organisational change or growth and need a plan to meet your objectives?

Do you need a high-level partnership with a coach who’ll take you or your team to the next level? Juliette from Farsight Coaching will help you:

  • Re-imagine and clarify yours or your organisation’s vision and mission.
  • Set and achieve empowering goals which result in significant shifts and forward movement.
  • Carefully position yourself and/or your team to make the external changes and emotional transitions required by the change process.
  • Equip you to identify and overcome obstacles to achieving sustainable success.
  • Engage in a coaching process to maximise individual and corporate strengths, grow less developed areas and create empowered teams.
  • Facilitate team conversations which allow team members to take responsibility for their own development and to be respected for their contributions.
  • Accelerate the learning and integration of leaders and team members into new roles.
  • Ensure the plan allows for personal transformation.
  • Effectively use the results of assessments like the Enneagram, Strengths Finder 2.0, Meyers Briggs and Discovery Insights profile.

Accelerate your personal and professional growth with us 

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