What if the world is holding its breath, waiting for you to take the place only you can fill?
– David Whyte

What is coaching?

“The aim of executive or life coaching is sustained cognitive, emotional and behavioural change that facilitates goal attainment and performance enhancement.” – Douglas and McCailey

Transition and Career Coaching

Corporate transition coaching for leaders in transition or managing teams in transition; career promotions, changing roles; on-boarding of new members; restructuring.

Life transition coaching: geographical relocation, change of life situation / life-stage; career reinventions; retirement. 


Life Transition and Career Coaching 

● Assists you to crystallise your life vision.

● Equips you with tools for making changes.

● Brings clarity of thought around key decisions.

● Enhanced team engagement, collaboration and performance. 

● Empowers you to take the actions steps which will move you from where you are to where you want to be.

● Helps you to transition through the changes to a transformed place.

● Provides you with a process for creating and implementing your career development plan.

Are you ready to change your life?