“Tell me, what is it you want to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver

Inspired by Poetry: Live and Write Well

Join us for a six week online poetry appreciation, writing and personal development journey designed and facilitated by Juliette Gyure, a life and leadership coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, and a storyteller and poet.

This experiential course will engage you in thinking about the craft of writing poetry and connect you to poetry as a universal language for integrating head, heart, body and spirit. Even people who do not see themselves as poets might find themselves writing poetry within a supportive environment. Some may prefer other expression of their creativity including any of the visual or dramatic arts, and other forms of writing. The point is not about becoming a poet but about becoming your best creative self.

The life coaching questions woven into the course and the six group coaching sessions will assist you in navigating change and transition in this season of your life.

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Hear from Juliette

I would gift myself this course over and over.

What has Juliette given me I can now only describe as a turning point in my life. For many Corona and lockdown have had very different meanings, and I am certain it has been a mind (or mine) field of emotions for most, but I was privileged in this time of contemplation to be Inspired by Poetry and its creator, Juliette.

Poetry… helps you find the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had asked out loud until they appear on paper… Poetry sings.  Poetry stirs and it lifts you off your feet until you can fly…. Poetry wakes the world and everything in it. Poetry leads you through trauma, loss, grief, joy, a myriad of emotions and it will speak to you as only it can.  

What Juliette provides is the words, beautifully presented with imagery that take you away from your present, and she gently asks questions to help you journey with those words and with self.  I would give myself this gift of this course and this journey through poetry with Juliette over and over.  It is a gift that keeps on giving because you will leave changed, and you will have made new friends, those like you but not you, and you will love people who are strangers but not.

Melissa Coetzer June 30, 2020

Juliette is an outstanding poet: charming, gentle and always encouraging.

It was with some trepidation that I joined this poetry course because I didn’t think a physician could write poetry. Well, I was proved wrong! The greatest compliment I can pay her is, ‘Had Juliette taught me poetry in High school, I may have changed my career! I wish Juliette the best of luck in passing on her gift to many more people.’

Dr Premilla Devi Naidoo MB ChB (Natal), FCP(SA)Physician/Rheumatologist

Juliette took me on a path to express in words that which is beyond words.

Inspired by Poetry course has led me down several deep paths.

The Path of Words – savouring their sounds, meaning and expression.
The Path of Observation – the minutiae and the big picture, people and nature.
The Path of Emotions – delight, sorrow, struggle, anger, love and much more.
The Path of Gratitude – thankfulness and awareness of all I take for granted.
The Path of Community – group sharing, encouragement, learning and support.
The Path of Vulnerability – courage, openness and the liberty of yielding.
The Path of Silence – the joy of meditation and contemplation.
The Path of Creativity – weaving all these paths together to attempt the
impossible by expressing in words that which is beyond words.

Peter Gunning, a “beloved child of God and blessed pilgrim of hope”

No one wanted it to end: it was that delightful!

Juliette asked me to look over her poetry course she had created and I was… bowled over! The visuals and the choice of poems were eye and ear catching. She has grouped the poems into themes. It is a refreshing way to view poets’ similar themes yet different approaches.

Juliette’s skilled facilitation during the course helped the participants to feel safe in their sharing. Her personality is very, very honouring of everyone on the course. No one wanted it to end – it was that delightful! 

Bernice Stott, visual artist, creative thinker, and co-creator of Write to Right

I feel a renewed sense of hope, enthusiasm and a healing within.

I have found the 6-week journeying through poetry process to be both life-
affirming and healing. The feelings of soul-safety, support and connection with others on a deeper level such as experienced on your platform, has opened up a space within and stretched my awareness into, a potential of expression that I have gained much confidence in trusting. It has brought a deeper understanding and faith in myself
and my life path.

Juliette, with sublime soul-filling imagery and material, you embody a sincere compassion and bring to others a grounding influence.  In the context of the global situation we are facing, this time has re-encouraged me to trust in my own compass and heed my internal voice amidst the change and uncertainty. I am deeply grateful for this time and how it has impacted my life. It has been a beautiful time of discovery.

Kerry Jordan, horticulturalist/farmer/landscape designer/ceramic artist/mother of 3 boys

I recommend this to anyone wanting to live the best life they can.

A few years ago, while working as a Family Physician, I read an article about a doctor prescribing poetry for her patients. Mad, I thought. Then I remembered a time at school, when I read poetry and wrote poetry for others. Poems gave me calmness, connectivity and I felt better. So, I tried poetry for my patients who were anxious, isolated, unable to find meaning. I set up groups where we read poetry, wrote poetry and it often worked. We felt, heard and understood more and were more at one with ourselves and others. I felt I could offer something of worth. I know the health and life benefits of poetry- Or, I thought I did.

Through Juliette’s course, I discovered that I had only scratched the surface. Her course began in the dark, fogged days of COVID-19 when I thought it would be impossible to focus, to find meaning, to find beauty. I read the poems she selected and I was not alone. The group showed only kindness, support and generosity. The fog slowly cleared as I listened to others’ poems and wrote my own. I was profoundly moved by Juliette’s course. I thank her for this gift. 

Laura Campbell- Irish, trained Physician, wife, mother, lover of life, finder of beauty, chooser of love

Juliette is not just a master at poetry, but a beautiful, warm, encouraging guide.

Embarking on “Inspired by Poetry,” became so, so much more than I could have ever imagined. I thought I would learn the art of writing good poetry and I did, but so much more. I went on a journey.  The most incredible magic carpet ride to the depths and heights of my soul in all its unearthed bold, vivid, vibrant colour as well as the sadder, sombre, darker hues.

Juliette makes this safe, nurturing space that connects and embraces everyone in the group so that you can unleash all your experiences and emotions, no matter how deep and dark or triumphant and joyful.

By the end of the course you feel braver, more connected with yourself, nature and humanity and you feel you can write and write and write with complete confidence and jubilation! Juliette’s journey (it’s not just a course) is one of those rare life experiences that everyone (and not just would-be poets) should treat themselves to.

Claire Russell

Juliette's warm, non-judgemental approach is contagious.

Juliette Gyure is an articulate facilitator, with a passionately deep love of poetry. She has skilfully woven a 6 week module to assist others live life with greater purpose and insight in every day circumstances. The chosen themes are relevant, inspirational and offer a wide collection of insights, through different genres. The investment is worth it!

Gill Padoa, Anglican priest

The weeks were a treasure trove of different themes, poets and their poems weaving through our lives.

This course gave me a voice I never knew I had. I can count the numbers of poems I’ve read since leaving school on the fingers of one hand and never dreamed of writing poetry. 

I felt exhilarated by the way words dropped onto the page – with so much encouragement from Juliette and the group. The one rule was “there are no rules” so I was free just to experiment. What an enriching experience. The Zoom sessions worked so well and have created lasting bonds of friendship – a memorable 6 weeks. Thank you Juliette for all your wealth of input and empathy.

Jill Rose

Interested in enrolling for the course? Email Juliette at juliettegyure@gmail.com