Sometimes we want something to change, but we keep stalling, finding excuses, thinking that if we just plug on in the way we have been doing, eventually some breakthrough will come –  in our career; our relationships; our health; our business; our dreams …

Cara Leyba, in her poem Ready urges us to stop waiting; to listen to that deep, intuitive voice that tells us when we are ready; and to take that first step Now.


You mustn’t wait

Until New Year’s Day.

Or Monday.

Or the first.

Or the last.

You can do it right now.

You can change right now.

You can change on an idle

Thursday afternoon at 4.45 pm

When everything inside of you

Begins to stir and rattle and bang

And whisper

“I am ready.”

In my work as a career coach and life transition coach, I find that when people are ready to make changes, either because they are so sick and tired of the status quo, or because they have been preparing themselves for the inevitability or necessity of change, extraordinary shifts can happen in a relatively short space of time – particularly when they have a coaching process which helps them to clarify where they are and where they want to be and to set and achieve the goals which will turn that vision into a reality. For more about that kind of process visit the home page of

Re-posted by Juliette Gyure, life and career coach and leadership coach