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Business Writing and Communications Workshop

Are you stuck in your career?

Can’t seem to get your point across?

Never given the attention you feel you deserve?

Scared to stand up and talk about your work?


These are all symptoms of writing and communication skills that undersell your worth to the boss, the organization and the world.  Getting heard first (or sometimes having the last word!) requires clarity of message and then the ability to deliver the message in a powerful and persuasive manner.


Join Professor Dale Gyure (University of Stellenbosch and formerly Tufts University, Boston, USA) for a multiple day workshop designed to improve your writing and deliver your message for high impact results.  In this unique program participants will

  • proofread and edit their own original work to improve clarity, overall organization and impact
  • sharpen their critical thinking skills using role plays and in-class assignments developed for and with the company sponsor
  • practise various styles of business and professional communication in a variety of formals including email
  • make short oral presentations following the tips and skills principles discussed in class.


The program is only offered through Far Sight Skills Development, can be structured as a two, three or five day short course and is delivered in-house.  Participants will retain a set of course notes provided by Far Sight.


Here’s what people have said about “Business Writing and Communications”

“I learned a lot about my writing and how to improve it.”

“One of the best courses I’ve taken at University.”

“This course gave me more confidence in my writing skills.”

“One of the best professors I have had at University – worth waking up for…”


Contact Far Sight Skills Development today to start planning your in-house program.  Dale will first discuss your specific company needs and participant profile and then propose a unique syllabus.  There is no charge for the upfront interaction and curriculum development.


Learn more about Dale on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dale-gyure-16675a92/


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